About Dubur

Our story

Dubur provides ground-breaking innovations in on-demand transportation

There’s been a revolution in the ways we get from here to there, but one thing still hasn’t changed. Drivers take home only a small portion of the money they make, while taxi corporations and rideshare companies reap the profits.

We know exactly how hard drivers work, and how little they make

We know because we’re drivers too. Since 2015, Dubur has delivered almost 15,000 safe rides in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve experienced firsthand the challenges that drivers face, and we know that for many, this work is more than a gig – it’s a lifeline. That’s why we decided to create a better way to do safe rides, ride share and delivery.

Enter the Dubur app

The solution is simple. An app where drivers keep 100% of what they earn, and work when and where they want. No service fees, no mystery charges. Plus, with designated driver rides and delivery services, they’ll have multiple ways to make money. That means drivers can finally earn a fair wage, support their families, and pursue their dreams. Riders win too—they get the convenient service they love, without surge pricing and price gouging from the middleman.

For restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses, we’ll be a developing a delivery service using the same model. While other delivery companies take a large percentage every time you use their service, Dubur will allow businesses to keep their earnings on each order.

The future of on-demand transportation is fair pay and true independence for drivers, with reliable, reasonably priced rides for riders. We’re committed to providing tools that will change lives, one ride at a time.

Our team

For drivers, by drivers

We are a small but passionate team of innovators, developers and creatives. But most importantly, we’re led by our drivers. Dubur was founded by Andrew Legault, who has over five years of experience as a professional driver, and still takes on passengers today.