Our History

When Andrew started a bicycle trip across Japan, he knew it would be a life-changing experience – he could never have guessed how much. Partway through his journey, Andrew was struck down by a bus, and spent the next 3 days in the hospital. Once he returned home to Vancouver, his injuries made it impossible to continue his old job. Instead, he started volunteering as a designated driver.

As a driver, Andrew was able to meet amazing people, drive some pretty cool cars, and most importantly, bring his customers home safe and sound. Driving soon became his profession, and by 2016, Andrew was ready to start his own designated driver company, Dubur.

Our Vision

We like to think of ourselves as a saving-lives company. We do that by providing convenient and affordable designated driver services across the lower mainland. Our drivers use the industry’s best safety practices, and provide top notch customer service for every ride.

Dubur is going places, but we like to measure success in the value we bring to our customers. Over the past three years, we’ve provided close to 15,000 safe rides and employed over 100 drivers. We hope to be part of your best adventures, and we’re there with reliable, last-minute saves when the unexpected happens. If you need a ride, just give us a call – we’re on our way there.